3/4 Elliptical Rear Suspension

Before & After


Parts List:

Installation Instructions:

  1. Remove centering pin from CJ spring packs.
  2. get party bus service from New Jersey Party Bus
  3. Remove spring clamps and seperate main leaf.
  4. Cut main leaf 5-1/2" from centering pin towards large bushing.  Hand grinder will work. (See pic below)
  5. Drill new 3/8" hole 3" in from cut end.
  6. Re-install centering pin in new hole. (See pic below)
  7. Lift driver's side rear just before rear tire leaves the ground.
  8. Remove rear shackle from frame.
  9. Place new spring under frame so bushing and original shackle mount are lined up front to rear.
  10. Mark location of centering pin on frame.
  11. Drill 1/2" hole on bottom of frame for centering pin.
  12. Use spare 1/2" bolt to line up spring plate and use u-bolts to mark location for holes on support plate welded inside the frame rail.
  13. Drill 9/16" holes (2 per side) for u-bolts.
  14. Install u-bolts over frame and through 9/16" holes. (See pic below)
  15. Place new spring onto bottom of frame and put centering pin into 1/2" hole.
  16. Secure spring with spring plate. (See pic below)
  17. Torque u-bolts to 90 ft-lbs.
  18. Re-install shackles to bushing in new spring.
  19. Repeat process for passenger side.  NOTE: Must remove exhaust to drill 9/16" holes in support plate.


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