4.6L Budget Stroker


Parts List:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Obtain a Complete 4.0L Jeep Engine Assembly. Preferrably a '91-'95 since the heads on those years had the best airflow rates. Post-'95 they reduced the exhaust ports to improve emissions by heating the cat up faster. I found a '94 4.0L out of a totalled XJ that had 138K original miles. I was able to pick it up as shown for $250.

  2. Strip engine down to the bare block. You can discard the crankshaft, pistons, rods, camshaft, timing set, lifters, pushrods as they will be replaced in this build-up.

  3. Have block and head machined and prepped for rebuild. YMMV, but I had the following done to the block: